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41 Ways to Alleviate Stress
 by Dr. Michelle L. Casto

41 Ways to Relieve Stress - book cover


  • Learn surprising methods that will calm you quickly

  • Quick methods to help you identify sources of stress you may not be aware of

  • A simple A-B-C method that can trigger stress breakthroughs

  • How to identify if your stress comes from inside or outside of you

  • Discover just what to pay attention to and what to ignore

  • How to use something you already do every single day to enhance stress relief


Scientific Weight Loss Secrets
by Dr. Roberta Temes

Scientific Weight Loss Secrets - book cover


  • Discover the most common myth about overweight people.

  • Accomplish the amazing with the information contained in this book.

  • Learn what ONE powerful tool helps more people lose weight than any other.

  • What you can do with your hands that will actually help you eat less.

  • Identify one of the most dangerous places to eat - if you want to keep weight off.

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